Stateside:Ryan Coyne Q and A ’s newest team member Joseph Taylor’s new regular feature Stateside. Each month Joe will sit down with an Irish American fighter or a an Irish fighter based across the Atlantic for a question and answers session. This month Joe chatted with Irish Outlaw Ryan Coyne

Tale of the Tape
Weight-200 lbs.
Record-17-0 (6 KO’s)

Coyne started his boxing career while attending the University of Missouri, Coyne had been playing NCAA football for the Mizzou, but that was not what his heart wanted. He worked a part time job, attended school fulltime and boxed in between. After 4 years of amateur boxing Coyne made the decision to turn pro!

Ryan’s boxing career took off when he landed a spot on the reality series “The Contender” during the show he won his first two fights, but suffered a very bad cut over his eye in his third outing. That cut ended his shot at wining the final and becoming The Contender Champion!

#1. why did you do the Contender show?

A: The Contender was a wonderful opportunity for me to showcase my talents on worldwide television. I was blessed to be able to do something that most fighters do not. It was one of the greatest times in my life that I will always cherish.

#2. On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your experience on that show?

A: You know I’m not even going to try to tag it with a number rating. In my world there are only two numbers 1’s and 0’s.. 1 you would 0 you wouldn’t. The Contender was most certainly a 1. I gotta give props to my man Skootch for the rating system. I got it from him. He taught me everything I know.

#3. How much would it mean for you to fight for an irish title?

A: I would absolutely love to fight for an Irish title. It would be a great honor on the way to my world title shot. I hope it happens.

#4. Would you fight Ian Tims? here in the usa. there is talks about a celtic title for that fight.

A: Of course I would love to mix it up with Tims. That’s easy work. Tell Brian Peters or Dolphil or whomever can put the match together all they have to do is send me a plane ticket and a contract and I’ll be on the first plane to Eire to whip his ass. Afterward, I’ll buy him a pint of Bulmers for stepping up to the challenge.

#5. The name Irish Outlaw, where did that come from, besides being irish?

A: Well, obviously my heritage plays a big role in it. That doesn’t need any explaining. I’m an Irish hard head who has always kind of gone against the grain. Maybe I’m not an Outlaw in the true sense of the word, but I’ve always done things my own way. Then again.. maybe I am.

#6. Talk about what happen with the Kayode deal, what went wrong?

A: Nothing went wrong. It never went anywhere is what happened. Gary Shaw called my promoter Don King with some vague offer to fight his guy for a ham sandwich and cup of coffee in some ballroom in whoville. We respectfully declined. Kayode is a nice fighter. I haven’t seen someone slap so hard with their right hand since I cursed in front of my mother in grade school.

#7. How often do you feel you should be in the ring?
A: I need to be fighting every 3 months. Obviously this year, that’s not bee the case as I’ve had several fights cancelled, and then a world title tilt fall out at the 11th hour. I’m always in the gym and if a sensible fight can be made, I’m not hard to find. I plan on fighting 3 times in the next six months or so to get acclimated to the new weight and to be sharp for my eventual title shot.

#8. You went from 8 round fights to 12 rounds recently, did you feel like you where ready for that?
A: Without question. I’ve always been a 12 round fighter. I get stronger as the fight carries on. I’ve been begging for 12 round fights since I only had 10 fights or so.

#9. In 2012 you can fight anyone, who would you want acrose from you?
A: I’m ready for big fights. Unfortunately, those don’t appear out of thin air, so in the meantime I plan to stay active as I build myself up to a big fight. It’s close, closer than I even know, and I’m ready to make it happen. I train diligently around the clock, and when the bright lights come on.. I will be ready roar.

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