Spike TV: Ready to Rumble

12 March 2009 – By Padraig Hoare

Irish fight fans will have their first opportunity to see Gary “Spike” O’Sullivan in action this Saturday, March 14, when the Cork light-middleweight faces Jimmy LeBlanc in Dorchester, Massachusetts.

The show, which also includes Eddie and Patrick Hyland, will include ten fights and can be seen through GoFightLive for less than $6.

Paschal Collins told irish-boxing.com: “You’ve heard all about Spike, now you can watch him for yourself on the internet. Fans will not be disappointed, that is for sure. He has looked incredible in training, and sparring the likes of Paul McCloskey and Jim Rock in John Breen’s gym has been excellent preparation.”

Spike’s opponent, nicknamed The Dream, was a late replacement.

Spike, now 6-0 (5), said LeBlanc, 12-15 (4), would live up to his name.

“He likes to call himself The Dream – well, I’m happy to oblige. I’ll send him to sleep the hard way. I’m feeling so strong and am rearing to go. He won’t be able to handle my power. I see Jimmy LeBlanc as an obstacle on my way to the top of the tree. Obstacles have to be eliminated. I hope The Dream likes staring at the ceiling because that’s what he’ll be doing come fight night. Cerebral aggression, that’s what Paschal has been drilling in to me. People will see how I implement it on Saturday night”

The show costs $5.95 and will be broadcast on a delayed transmission. Olympic alternate and heavily-touted prospect Danny O’Connor will also appear on the card.

Paschal Collins added: “For six quid, you are hardly going to get better value anywhere. Ten fights and the best Irish prospects – fans are in for a treat. We saw a show failing in New York lately which was said to be a bad blow for Irish boxing – here is a chance to show that Irish boxing is alive, well, and indeed thriving.”

LeBlanc is a better fighter than his record suggests, according to Collins.

“He’s up for this fight, which is what we wanted. Most of his losses have come when he has taken fights at a few days notice. But he has been training like mad for this one, because it is for the American Fighting Organisation title. It is a relatively new organisation, specialising in MMA, which has branched into boxing. It will be good for Spike.”

An extended interview with Gary “Spike” O’Sullivan will appear on irish-boxing.com in the coming days. To order the show from Massachusetts, go to www.gofightlive.tv and enter the “buy event” section at the top of the screen.

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