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Spike tells Eubank admit he is afraid or sign the deal that’s on the table

GARY O’Sullivan believes Chris Eubank Jr’s actions speak much louder than his words and has called for the English puncher to accept an official offer put to his team this week.

‘Spike’ claims only two fighters have had the gumption to call him out, the English fighter and Dublin rival Anthony Fitzgerald. The Cork middleweight gives ‘Fitzy’ credit for backing up his words and sharing a ring with him, but claims Eubank is a wordsmith not a warrior.

The Celtic Warrior Gym fighter points out the son of fight legend Chris Eubank senior has called him out, but twice turned down the chance to share a ring with him.

Indeed the Murphy’s boxing fighter, who according to rumours last week was due to confirm a Eubank bout at a Drop Kick Murphy’s concert in England this week, has told the WBA Interim champion to put up or shut up.

“Anybody who knows me or follows my career knows that I’ve always said that I’ll fight any middleweight in the world – and I have never called out a fighter I wouldn’t get into the ring with. I’ve tried to get fights with every top middleweight and nobody wants to fight me – with good reason,” said ‘Spike’.

“Only two men have ever had the balls to call me out. Anthony Fitzgerald is one and Chris Eubank Jr is the other. Fitzy and I settled our differences like men last November and Chris – for all your big talk – you refuse to face me.

“Chris talks about me to the media. But what happened when my team approached his people to make it happen on two separate occasions? He refused to sign a deal.

“I get it Chris. You’ve never faced a fighter with knockout power like mine and you know I’d put you to sleep if you dared get in a ring with me. So either admit publicly that you will never face me and shut your mouth, or grow some balls and accept the offer that has been put to you through the official channels this week.”


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