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Spike O’Sullivan wants Chris Eubank Jr rematch

When years of verbal back and forts ended in the trading of some venomous shots last December, it seemed as if the Gary ‘Spike’ O’Sullivan and Chris Eubank Jr grudge was settled.

The Cork fighter was pulled out in round 7 of an entertaining clash, with his coach claiming a perforated ear drum had ruined any chance of pulling in the lead Eubank had amassed.

Post fight their was mutual respect if no love shared and Eubank Jr would have certainly felt he had seen the back of ‘Spike’.

However, the Celtic Warrior claims he would love a rematch with the man he still believes is an ‘ass’.

Despite Eubank Jr exiting the ring with people praising his chin and abilty 31 year old ‘Spike’ claims he never got the chance to really test the Brighton fighters shot resistance.

“He earned my respect. I respect all fighters to be honest, but I still think he is an ass hole as a person. I would love to fight him again,” Spike told Irish-boxing.com

“Without the ear injury it could have went different. I wobbled him. I will say he can take a shot but I never got him clean on the chin I got him on the nose and that, just never on the chin.”

O’Sullivan looks set to drop down to light middleweight and fight Stateside this Summer and Eubank Jr will be looking toward World level at 160lbs over the coming months so a rematch seems unlikely. However, Spike remains keen.


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