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22 December 2009 – By Neil Sinclair

I have been linked to two major fights recently both are very appealing and I would be hopeful that at least one of them will come off.

Last Sunday there was a write up in the Sunday Life about me fighting John Duddy and a couple of days during the week an offer came in to fight James Moore.

Ever since I won the Irish light-middleweight title I suppose these fights have become more attractive and more realistic. Id be happy to fight both or either man depending on the promotions and the dates.

It would be unlikely if neither of the two fights were made. Id be very surprised. They are not the only options but they are a great place to start.

The thing with the Duddy fight is that I dont know if they can or will come down to light-middleweight which I first thought they would be prepared to do. I only moved up from welter in May so moving up again Im not so sure about. It would have to be worth my while put it that way. I could be talked into it as it is a brilliant fight.

I think Frank Warren is keen on that fight and I think it would guarantee a sell out at the Kings Hall or even at the Odyssey.

This is not me calling out John, far from it.

This was done for me by the press – I knew nothing of it. But sometimes that really helps fights happen. The likes of David Kelly (Belfast Telegraph) has given me a lot of ink love in recent years and he knows a good fight when he sees one. Also then of course there is Sinky Says the premier boxing column on the Internet!

It has given me a voice and an opportunity to get myself out there and publicise what I am doing. I have felt a lot of love from the supporters since I started writing the column. When people are reading it they start saying, “oh that would be a good fight, Id go to that if they put it on” and that is great – it really builds an appetite for making fights.

Looking back on this year I only had two fights but they were two good ones and Im very grateful to Frank Warren for putting them on on the undercards of both Rogan vs Sexton bills. Those two fights have really helped me get back up there and hopefully Ill be even busier next year.

Ill have a nice Christmas. Ill keep training away just to keep in shape and step it up in the New Year to make sure I keep winning and looking good.

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