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14 April 2010 – By Neil Sinclair

The gym was quiet for the last while, but now all the boys are back training away.

I dont know when Ill be fighting again I certainly wouldnt be ready if someone offered me a fight in two weeks.

I havent done that much since Prizefighter. Ive deliberately taken the opportunity to have a rest and Im only really getting back into it.

There is talk of a number of bills over the next number of months but the one that would stand out for me is McCloskey vs Lauri at the Kings Hall in June. He is my stablemate so it would be great to appear on that card. It is definitely something to look forward to.

Im happy at light-middle I still have to work to make it, but I would be happy to move back down to welterweight if the right opportunity came along.

I dont give my career a timescale I just look at things on a fight by fight basis and the reason for having another fight is that I would like to make up for my poor performance last time around.

I won my British title outright meaning I got to keep the Lonsdale belt. For those who dont know they are very expensive to make and as a result you have to make a number of defences before the British Board allow you to keep it.

Martin Lindsay is certainly capable of keeping his British featherweight title, but I doubt whether he will stick about at that level for long enough to do it.

I was the first guy to have to do three defences to keep it and I believe they have increased the number to four.

If you are having long breaks between fights then keeping it would be a long, drawn out process. So the only way Martin will get to keep the belt is if he fights very regularly. He certainly has the ability, but it should all be about what he wants to do. He could probably secure a European title fight in the near future so it is up to him.

Im the last to have done it but I would love if more did the likes of Martin and Carl Frampton.

Another kid who I think will be fighting for domestic honours before too long is Jamie Conlan. He could fight for and win the British and Irish titles.

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