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01 October 2009 – By Neil Sinclair

Its been a rough number of weeks for Irish boxing.

I will never forget John Breen phoning me a couple of weeks ago to tell me that Darren Sutherland had passed away. It brought me back to early in my career when I moved to London when I was training in Romford. After the novelty wore off, I started to get lonely.

Im not sure of the ins and outs of what happened to Darren, but Im sure he felt some of that as well. I can empathise with anyone in that situation. Its not easy and its a very sad time for everyone involved.

Bernard Dunne was conscious of that as well he said that before the fight against Kratingdaenggym. He was hoping to give everyone a bit of joy. But the guy he fought is a cracking fighter. Bernard has come back before and can come back again.

There is dented pride to deal with. I was never at the very highest level Bernard was so I always felt I was able to come back without too much pressure. He has to endure a bigger fall and it will be harder to get back on track.

But winning a world title is my dream its every boxers dream – and what he has already done is great.

It is disappointing there are two bills are on on November 6. Also Mike Tyson is in Belfast that night. I would love to see Paul McCloskey crowned European Champion in Magherafelt, but obviously Ill be fighting that night in Belfast.

Because of this, John Breen will be in Magherafelt and Eamonn Magee will be in Belfast. Ill be in good hands with Eamonn obviously, and I know what to do myself anyway. Besides, John will be preparing me in the gym, where any fight is always won and lost.

There was a time that no matter who was fighting the crowds werent turning out, but that has changed. Its looking like there will be very good crowds at both events. Its unfortunate that they are on the same night but it cant be helped.

However, it bodes well for the future that in a small place like this that we are having two major title fights on the same night, and that they are both selling.

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