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Similarities between boxing and the online gambling industry

The online gambling industry has grown significantly over the last few decades, with gamblers having many gambling sites to choose from. You can gamble on an online casino not on Gamstop or on a Gamstop licensed gambling site; either choice is a good option if you keep track of your play budget.

Many players enjoy wagering money on games of chance such as slot machines, table games and even live casino tables. Another niche of punters seek delayed gratification when gambling and opt for the traditional and most primitive form of gambling: wagering on sports.

If you enjoy casual sports betting, you might know very well that betting on boxing is a growing business, as big as online gambling. With fight nights happening every weekend, some streamed from the UK, and some from the United States, there is always a chance to place your bet.

So, how similar are online gambling and betting on boxing? 

If you want to gamble on online casino games, or if you’re going to wager on the next Katie Taylor fight, in essence, you are leaving your money wagers in the hands of hopefully good luck. Who would have thought that Tyson Fury would dethrone Vladimir Klitschko after such a long reign as heavyweight champion? And who would have thought that new to the heavyweight division and Southpaw Oleksandr Usyk would eventually leave Anthony AJ Joshua? 

Upsets are experienced in both online gambling and also in sports wagering scenarios.  You could have the best strategy when you opt to wager money on boxing or play a table game at an online casino. However, luck always plays a big part. Whilst many betting sites opt to have their games tested for RNG (Random Number Generator), the chance sometimes is on your side.

Money management is key

Money management is always crucial if you bet online, either on sports or taking a chance at an online casino. Your bankroll is one key element that will either see you make a profit on your bets or walk home empty-handed. When placing bets online, we encourage punters to take measures to ensure a safe and excellent gambling experience. When placing bets online or playing your favourite online casino games, some of the critical things to consider include the following:

  1. Manage your bankroll – We suggest that if you want to delve into the world of online gambling, you set aside a specific amount of money per month for your playtime. Just like anything else in life, placing a budget and a gambling limit would be an ideal way to keep your gambling fun. 
  1. It is okay to be way away – As human beings, we sometimes do not take losses too quickly. When we experience a gambling loss, we sometimes want to compensate and get over to the betting site again to wager more in the hopes of a win. Bad idea! After a loss, walking away is okay and stating that you need a break from gambling. Wagers and betting made in a rush will never bear good outcomes. 
  1. Self-Exclusions – If you feel that your gambling is taking control of your life and want to get back on track, you can do that using GamStop. The free self-exclusion service is a great way to control gambling and bar you from visiting GamStop online casinos. It can also be used to ban yourself from placing boxing sports wagers. 

Bonuses for all, including sports punters

One thing that draws players to sign up to a casino site over another is the bonuses it offers. As a thank you for signing up to a gambling site where boxing bets are accepted, you will be granted a sign-up bonus offer that sometimes is another betslip over and above your first wager. Apart from this, if you sign up to a prominent and established sports betting site, the promotions and bonuses are ongoing and not just a one-time thing. 

Online casinos also offer an array of bonuses. The first time you sign up you will be offered a deposit match for the money you deposit. You will walk away with a 100% reload bonus, capped at a specific amount. If you are lucky enough, offers will continue as you make your way through the casino Loyalty Scheme. 

One massive similarity between boxing and online casinos is superficial; both will grant you bonuses when you opt to gamble on one or the other. 

How to find the best boxing betting site or online casino for you 

Now that we established that boxing and online casinos are very similar, one final thing to discuss is finding a reputable gambling site. Again, the below advice can be applied to both online casinos and sports betting sites.

  1. Find licensed sites – Licensing is one of the essential elements of a gambling site. This is how you will establish if the site is legit or not. Looking for a gambling license is a simple task; scroll to the bottom of the site’s lobby, where the license will be proudly displayed. If not found there, you can either check the Licensing section in the T&C or head over to the site About Us section. 
  1. Read Gambling Review Sites – Gambling review sites exist in the masses, and you can benefit significantly by visiting some and reading about the new gambling site you want to sign up for. The detailed review will include licensing, bonuses, customer support channels, and anything you want to know about the gambling site.
  1. Gamstop or Non-Gamstop sites – Many Irish boxing betting sites and online casinos have signed up to GamStop and placed annual donations to the free service. To know if a betting site endorses GamStop, you can either check this info via Customer Support or check out the GamStop logo that is usually next to the licensing logo at the bottom of the lobby page. 

Making profits from your gameplay

Making profits from gameplay will see you enjoy your betting more; hence a plan needs to be set in motion. Slot games are a game of chance, and sports and table games are different ball games. Read and get familiar with boxing before heading to your go-to sports betting site and going all-in with your Irish Boxing wagers. 

If you are a casino lover and table games are your thing, strategy is also crucial here. Many online casinos and casino review sites offer you guides on how to master Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, or any other table game you can think of. Investing and brushing up on your knowledge will see your profit in the end. Preparation and a game plan are essential in either scenario when betting on boxing or tempting your luck at online casinos. 

Jonny Stapleton contributor for 15 years and editor for the past decade. Have been covering boxing for over 16 years and writing about sports for a living for over 20 years. Former Assistant Sports editor for the Gazette News Paper Group and former Tallaght Voice Sports Editor. Have had work published in publications around the world when working as a freelance journalist. Also co-founder of Junior Sports Media and Leinster Rugby PRO of the Year winner. email: