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“I’m proud of where I’ve come from” – Sean Creagh hits back at White Collar jibes

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It will be a case of ‘Red Face McKenna’ when ‘White Collar Creagh’ is done with him, claims Sean Creagh himself.

The McKenna-Creagh match-up has cranked up fan interest and has sparked some verbal sparring between the two well-supported Irish light welters.

Part of the appeal of the bout is the clash of styles it presents, with the stylish accomplished amateur taking on a fighter who took up the sport to get fit.

Tallaght native Creagh doesn’t mind admitting he hasn’t the same background as the man he faces for the vacant Celtic Nations title, but he does take issue with his path to pro boxing being ridiculed.

In fact the 27 year old says he will punish McKenna for the lack of respect shown.

“I’m proud of where I’ve come from. I’d just like to remind him that it’s not where you start that matters it’s where you finish. He will eat them words come fight night,” a disgruntled Creagh told Irish-Boxing.com.

Creagh has been something of a breath of fresh air in terms of novice Irish punchers. A number of prospects are now agreeing to fight each other, but over the last year or so the Dub has been a constant fight anyone, anywhere, anytime merchant and was never worried about his duck egg being cracked.

He thinks he has shown up some of the fighters at his weight and set an example.

“I think I have shown these lads up a bit by agreeing to fight McKenna. Most of them are boxing a very long time, I am only new to the whole game and I am taking the so called risky fight,” he added before stating he doesn’t see the risk in his November 5th clash.

“Then again, I know it’s not a risk because I beat McKenna all day.”


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years