Saunders apologises to Katie Taylor and those offended by his comments

IRISH fight fans might wait till after September 19 to forgive him, but Billy Joe Saunders has apologised for the comments he made about women when asked about Katie Taylor fighting on the undercard of his World title challenge.

Saunders, who in fairness is often tongue in cheek when he talks to IFL TV, claimed his comments, which were sexiest in nature were made in jest and didn’t reflect his opinion.

“It was only a joke, listen, Katie Taylor is a very very good fighter, she’s done what she’s done,” said Saunders

“I’m not saying women shouldn’t box. It’s their choice, I reckon their very good to the sport, we got to get men off the street and young boys off the street, same as you’ve got to get young girls off the street.

“I don’t want to be a man painted out as being thinking woman’s there for cooking, sex and bedroom department even though their still good at it. I’m sorry if I’ve upset anybody and apologise but that’s all I can do. If anyone’s offended by that I’m sorry.”


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