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Ruadhan Farrell Beats Connor Kerr in All Action Fight of the Year Contender

Ruadhan Farrell claimed victory in one of the best fights the famous Ulster Hall has seen in years to win the BUI Celtic title live on DAZN tonight.

‘El Nino’ claimed victory after eight epic and intense rounds, to win a first career title, a battle of Belfast and Fight of the Year contender.

The much taller Farrell had to fight from first to last bell to get the win, as Connor Kerr more than played his part as the all-Irish delivered once again.

Indeed, such was the nature of the back-and-forth fight that many felt the 78-75 card slightly wide, although not many argued with the overall winner.

Farrell dropped to his knees after having his hand raised and had to fight back tears almost as hard as he had to fight off Kerr when the title was buckled around his waist.

It’s one we will almost certainly see again and should be a fight that reminds all promoters it’s easy to deliver entertainment, put two Irish fighters in with each other.

It wasn’t madator versus bull as first expected in the first round, with Farrell not afraid to hold his feet and on fight the inside when he had to.

There were well-leveraged right hands but he worked the body well and was capable of fighting working on the inside.

Kerr did have some impressive flurries one in particular right on the bell.

Punches began to reign as early as the second as neither were willing to give ground and the all Irish’s reputation for entertainment was further enhanced. Kerr’s output increased but there seemed to be more pop to Farrell’s shots in another hard-to-score stanza.

The third followed a similarly high octane vien. Kerr seemed more capable of closing the distance but his fellow IGB boxer wasn’t afraid to fight fire with fire.

Farrell, who had Anthony Cacace in his corner, used his physical advantages, showed good shot selection and for the most part, looked at home when put under pressure and he was drawn into what was meant to be Kerr’s world.

However, the workload of keeping Kerr at bay looked to take some its toll in the final 30 seconds of the session and it looked as if the Daniel Anderson-trained fighter was ready to launch an assault.

Kerr, who had Paddy Gallagher as part of his team, attempted to up the gears in the next and did land the punches of the round an uppercut and two big right hands but Farrell more than matched him for work rate in another highly entertaining round.

The tension, noise and punch output increased in the sixth another all-action hard-to-score round. It was more fitness than finesse and guts than guile as leather flew.

The back-and-forth nature continued into the seventh with both having moments. Just when it looked like one would take over the other responded. So close was the fight that there was a feeling it was all down to the last round.

Kerr started the last brilliantly but Farrell, one big right hand shipped aside, finished stronger, meaning the only thing certain at the final bell was that the Ulster Hall had just witnessed a Fight of the Year contender.

Both fighters were lifted aloft by their corners post the final bell but in truth, no one knew who had it won!

Farrell did get the nod and no one would begrudge him it considering the trails and troubles he has had to come true to get to his point.


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years