Conlan: I want more titles and I would love to fight Yafai for British crown

CLAIMING the WBO European super flyweight belt hasn’t quenched Jamie Conlan’s title thirst. Indeed winning his first ever pro crown has had the opposite effect as Conlan is craving that title winning feeling and desperate to add to his collection.
After a number of frustrating years the Cyclone Promotions puncher finally picked up a title when he beat Benjamin Smoes in the Odyssey Arena in April- and such was the high that Conlan is chasing the title dragon.
Next on ‘The Mexican’s’ list is the British title, a title he would love to fight for on The Waterfront Brawl show come May 20, but will most likely have to wait until the Paul Butler scenario is sorted out.
Conlan is even willing to try and emulate his little brother and Olympic medal winner, Michael Conlan, by beating Matchroom prospect Kal Yafai- Michael beat Yafai in the 2011 Europeans- to claim the belt.
“I want to fight. The harder the challenge the better. Anyone that isn’t up to fight makes you look bad. The have dropped a few nice names and I just nod and say ‘yes’. I want to progress. They are looking at a few in Europe and a few in Britain, maybe for the British title. They have been pushing for that title shot, ringing all round because I am rank number 1. Kal Yafi is number two and they wanted to get the number 3.
“I have a WBO number 11 ranking which is amazing, so we will push on and build up the ranking mores. I can’t settle for one belt though. I want more and more and the British title would be the next goal. As soon as I won the WBO European title I was saying I want another one. I want that feeling again. It was different coming home with a belt. I am getting greedy now.
“I am ready for British titles and I would fight any of them. I would love to fight Yafai, Micheal did him up so I would have to do the same!”
Despite being highlighted as one to watch since turning pro back in 2009, Conlan struggled to gain any momentum and his career was more stop start than an American football game.
However, since signing with Cyclone Promotions he has a clear career path and a fulfilled promise of regular fights. The 27 year old revels in that planed activity and is excited when he considers what it can do for his performance.
“It is brilliant to have set dates and regular fights. It is everything Cyclone Promotions promised when we meet up first. It is better in every regard for myself. Not just to avoid that frustration, but performance wise and weight wise. There is no over extended down time so we should see a better performance.”


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