Rogan: Age is just a number – why should I retire if I am fighting fit?

Belfast heavyweight Martin Rogan has been around for a long time – 44 years, 20 weeks, and 5 days to be exact. With news that he is to mount a comeback emerging, some have questioned the logic of the decision. Some fear genuinely for his health, other prefer to shout slander, telling him that he is past it, that he is shot.

However, Big Rogie knows Big Rogie better than anyone else, and he exclusively told that he feels more than capable of stepping into the ring, and winning, again.

Addressing those who argue that he should pack it in, Rogan has seen a pattern, noting that “the people that say I should retire are people sitting on their couch with a fridge in reach.”

“They know nothing about the person they are effectively retiring.”

Indeed the former Prizefighter champion believes that too much heed is given to age, reasoning that “I think in every sport, be it hurling, rugby or soccer – they put people out of the sport too early.”

“People of different ages can be bouncing fit, and to say to someone ‘you’re 33 now so you are coming to an end’ is nonsense.”

The entertaining fighter believes that arbitrarily discrediting boxers solely due to their age is massively unfair as “when you start saying that, you mentally affect people and draw a line as to what age they can and can’t perform.”

Referring to himself, Rogan explained that “age is just a number there are a lot of other factors to take into account.”

“I am in the gym with 23 year olds and they can’t keep up with me.”

“Why should I retire just cause I am 44 if I am still fit and capable?”

“I have no real miles on the clock. I know my body and the people around me know what I am capable of.”

“Age is but a number – I know what I can do and experience counts for a lot.”


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