Roadblock to Kelly v Fagan

09 December 2009 – By Cormac Campbell

A match-up between Irish lightweights Michael Kelly and Oisin Fagan would appear to be a natural.

However, as is so often the case in boxing, making an appealing fight is easier said than done. Both men have made no secret of their desire to face each other, but Fagans wish for the bout to be for the Irish title and Kellys current illegibility for said crown could prove to be something of a stumbling block.

“I think it would be a very intriguing fight between myself and Michael Kelly,” Fagan told

“However, there’s no point in taking him on, unless he’s got a belt, or if we fight for a vacant title. Unfortunately for Kelly, there’s a stipulation in the rules, which states that to contend an Irish title, you must have at least 2 x 8 round fights behind you and at this stage he doesn’t.

“Thus, it might make more sense for me to fight Andy Murray next, as he’s got both the Irish lightweight and the light-welterweight titles.”

As the current EU champion, Murrays ambitions appear to lie on the continent rather than on home soil, but Fagan remains hopeful that the bout can be made.

“Let the record show that I duck nobody and would fight either of them. They are both very good, unbeaten prospects, whom I have a lot of time for, both personally and in respect of their boxing abilities. They’d definitely both be mouth-watering fights for the fans, and I’m all about that.

“I hope someone makes an offer, as I am excited about the prospect- let’s get it on!”

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