Rigo: I’m too good

31 January 2011 – Jonny Stapleton

WBA interim World title Guillermo Rigondeaux has warned Wille Casey that their head to head in Thomond Park yesterday is the closest the Limerick native will ever get to the Cuban sensation.

The two time Olympic gold medallist was present at the home of Munster rugby as the duos March 19 City West world title clash was officially announced and all but said the only way Casey could beat him was to employ the tackling tactics more akin to the stadium and Paul OConnell and Co..

The man renowned as the greatest amateur of all time claims his class, movement and evasive style will ensure Casey wont get to chance to strike in the eagerly anticipated world title fight.

However, despite claiming he will defuse Caseys Big Bang the 30 year old Cuban, who previously stated Casey wasn’t a worthy adversary, is still promising fireworks, predicting he will land Cuban missiles on a regular basis.

I dont want to give to many details about my game plan, The Irish managed star said at the press conference. But I am hard to hit and Willie wont land a punch on me. I can also land big punches too. I have wicked power and you will see that on the night. It will be a great night.

I have over 400 fights and I have won ever and medal available at amateur level. There is nothing Willie can bring that I havent seen. I am a road warrior. I have been to every country and won. I can adapt my style to beat anyone and I will do that against Willie Casey.

Rigondeaux, whose wife and child still reside in Cuba, believes boxing is more about brains than brawn and stressed his calm approach will ensure the strategist will over come the brawler come March 19.

You think boxing is about strength and that it is brutal, but it is a thinking mans game. The fighter who uses his head wins. I am never nervous getting into the ring. Before all my bouts including this one my opponent has been shouting about what they are going to do to me. But I just wait for the bell and get to work then. I am confident, calm and collective in the ring. Fighting is as natural as drinking a glass of water for me. Ricardo Cordoba told me before I won the belt to get ready for action after the sixth round, but I didnt see him from the first to till the last bell and I took the belt.

The Top Rank promoted Cuban, whose manager Gary Hyde predicts will one day be renowned as one of the greatest ever, is confident the belt that once sat around Bernard Dunnes waist will only be making a temporary trip to Ireland on its latest visit.

Two champions came over here in recent times and left their belt behind. I can assure you that wont happen this time round. I know the fans and the country will be behind Willie, but again I have dealt with all that before. I will silence the crowd early on and go on to win.

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