No TV for Casey v Rigo

31 January 2011 – Jonny Stapleton

Dolphil and Nowere2Hyde promotions both claim RTE are letting the people of Ireland down by refusing to broadcast the biggest fight the country has seen since Bernard Dunne retired.

It was revealed at the press conference to officially announce Willie Casey’s bid to dethrone WBA world interim champion Guillermo Rigondeaux yesterday that the mouth watering clash will not be shown on terrestrial TV.

Sky Sports and Eurosport are leading the race to win the rights for the March 19 world title fight, but both camps claimed they would prefer if the whole of Ireland could tune in to support Big Bang Casey.

Public service broadcaster RTE cant afford to air the eagerly anticipated tactician versus brawler showdown despite being offered the card for free.

And Rigondeauxs manager Gary Hyde claims if they show any other boxing over the next 12 people they National Broadcasters will have serious questions to answer.

RTE have been offered the fight for free. We are not just here to make money both camps are involved in boxing at every level and we want to promote the game across the country. Willie Casey is a massive name in Ireland now and you cant a bigger fight the a world title bout. Rigondeaux is the biggest star since Sugar Ray Leonard to fight here. The people deserve to get the chance to see it, Hyde said at yesterdays press conference.

This fight will be a war, believe me and one the people will love. If RTE dont show this fight and show any other boxing over the next 12 months they will have a lot to answer for. This is the biggest fight in Ireland this year and it is free for them. I hope people get onto RTE and they are pressured into taking the fight.

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