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‘Resurrection is in my DNA’ – Katie Taylor Ready to Bounce Back

Katie Taylor is adamant it’s in her to rise again.

Indeed, the undisputed lightweight world champion claims bouncing back from disappointment is ingrained in her – and as a result she is confident she will return to winning ways and avenge her defeat to Chantelle Cameron in the 3Arena on November 25.

Speaking at the press conference to publicise her Cameron rematch a defiant Taylor revealed she was relishing the chance to bounce back.

The Bray boxer, 37, who suffered her first defeat as a pro at the gloves of Cameron in May, goes into this weekend’s fight as the underdog but warns she will do all she can to upset the odds and delight the Irish fans.

“Every single fight is a must win. I’m very aware this fight is a must win fight,” Taylor said.

“I’m very grateful to have a chance to rectify things and get things right. At the end of the day resurrection is built in my mindset and is in my DNA.

“I’ve been here before, not as a pro, I know how to come back strong. Loses are always very tough to take. I’m a competitor, I love to win and I always train to win, so the loss is never easy. I was just so grateful to have the chance to have a rematch. Not everyone has this opportunity, I’m in a great position here and I’m very grateful to have a second chance to make things right.”

The Olympic gold medal winner notes changes will have to be made to reverse May’s result, although she points out those alterations don’t have to be of the drastic kind.

“I wouldn’t say we made too many changes. Obviously after a loss you analyze absolutely everything. I think that’s where all the growth really happens, after the losses and setbacks. I realise I have to do a few things differently for the second fight. I can’t expect to do the same things and get a different result.

“We understand that we have to make a few adjustments to be a bit more effective but we know what we need to do.”

Dublin, Ireland – September 26: Chantelle Cameron and Katie Taylor Press Conference to announce their upcoming undisputed Super-Lightweight World Title fight in Dublin on November 25. 26 September 2023 Picture By Mark Robinson Matchroom Boxing

Specifics with regard to those changes are ‘between me and my coach’ – but the Irish sporting sensation did hint as to what she may have to do differently.

“I think I left the early rounds a bit too subjective. I’ve no complaints about the decision but I felt I was sharper and stronger in all the exchanges but I just didn’t let my hands go as much in the early rounds and that cost me the fight,” she continues before sharing her confidence.

“It’s great to know I can make things right. I’m as confident as ever if I perform to my ability I will win regardless of who is on the opposite side of the ring. I’m just excited for the next few months and November 25 and it’s fantastic here in Dublin it’s fantastic.”


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