Resuming The Hunt – Lynn Harvey back in boxing following “temperamental” retirement

Boxing lived up to the old “treat ’em mean, keep ’em keen” adage when it comes to Lynn Harvey [4(3)-1(0)].

The Kilbarrack favourite became so frustrated with the fight game last year that she eventually decided to walk away – but the light flyweight couldn’t quell her love for the sport and has come back.

Harvey, who was also navigating personal issues at the time, claims her decision to retire was a “temperamental” one and a choice the fiery competitor, and those who know her best, knew wasn’t going to last.

Last week at the press conference to announce the ‘The Beginning; July 7th card, the former Novice, Intermediate, and Senior champion officially ended her sabbatical and went into details as to why it came about.

“I had stuff going on in my personal life then I was given promises and was hoping things would happen in boxing. They were not materalising and it was just one of them where you say ‘just forget about it’.”

“I probably just should have taken a break ’til Christmas but I am a very temperamental woman and I don’t tend to be calm about things so I just went a bit extra,” she said before stressing retiring was something she never wanted to do.

“Look, I knew I didn’t want to retire. I just felt the pressure of things and I knew I couldn’t box with my head melted.”

“I knew in my gut I didn’t want to finish, everyone knew it. No one asked ‘are you going back’ they all said ‘when are you going back’. Nobody bought it!”

lynn harvey

Although the personal issues may have been sorted out, frustration with things moving at a slow pace is something all boxers have to live with.

It seems quite possible that things may not always run smooth for ‘The Hunter’ moving forward.

However, the Kilbarrack 37-year-old is adamant she has made strides to minimise the chances of feeling stuck in limbo again.
Harvey revealed numerous promotional offers are on the table and believes, with promotional backing, it will be easier for her to achieve her title goals.

“There was momentum building and there was talk of possibly getting signed but that wasn’t happening. With that on the long finger I was getting frustrated and I can get myself awful stressed out.”

“I didn’t think I could train like that never mind fight. I wasn’t happy I legged it and regretted it! I wasn’t the first and I won’t be the last.”

“With regard to now, I haven’t signed anything yet but, yeah, there are a few interested. I am thinking over a couple of offers but I am certainly not rushing into anything.”

“I am working with Jay for this fight and I know Jay will look after me, he is a friend and he does things right. I don’t need to worry about that today. I have a fight and Jay will look after me for this one, then I will look to cement myself with somebody,” the popular fighter continued before stressing she wouldn’t have considered returning if she hadn’t backing.

“I wanted to be signed to a promoter to get those big fights. I swore I wouldn’t come back unless that was happening. I know the offers are there now, okay I haven’t signed, but I wouldn’t have gone back to the gym if I didn’t know that those options were there.”

“I know now that I won’t get frustrated. I made sure of that before I even got a coach because it’s belts I want. I am 37 now and I am not getting any younger so I want to have all this done and dusted by the time I am 40.”

Interestingly enough, there is talk of a possible BUI Celtic title fight for Harvey on her July 7 National Stadium return. Finding an eligible and active opponent seems to be a stumbling block but if one can be found the Dubliner is more than keen.

“There is talk of a title fight. They are hoping to get that on this card. I want that, obviously as a fighter you want titles. I would jump straight in to the eight rounder but I know I have that fighters mentality and I know I could be listening to my heart which wants a pro title.”

“Is that wise? I will listen to what my coach has to say and the people advising me but I am hoping they say ‘yeah Lynn, you don’t need a warm up, you’re ready’.”

There are those who would argue returning in an eight rounder might not a smart choice as she adjusts to new coach Steven O’Rourke and, while it seems she could persuaded to have a tune up fight, Harvey isn’t worried.

The Dubliner explained how “the thing is, I am not worried about an eight rounder because the only time I went the distance is the fight I lost [v Mary Romero]. I feel like if I am going to win the fight I will most likely stop them that’s just me going off past experiences.”

“I would be fit enough for eight if needs be and all my fights bar my debut were scheduled for six. It tends to be me winning by stoppage and I really believe that can be the case for any fight. If I feel like I have someone going I don’t hang around.”

lynn harvey

There have been positive murmurs with regard to TV and the July 7th show. The Last Man Standing card was a television success and it seems as if there is real interest in broadcast live boxing again.

Harvey is aware that TV could boost her chances of success moving forward and believes she may prove attractive to the tv decision makers.

“Well the fact that I am female and there are not many others has to be an advantage?” she reasoned.

“It’s something different. Hopefully it will work in my favour the TV people may want to mix it up and have something different for fans.”

Photo Credit: Ricardo Guglielminotti – The Fighting Irish (@ThefIrish)


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