Conor McGregor vs Michael Chandler: Will it be worth the hype?

Las Vegas will undoubtedly witness a fight between Conor and Chandler on June 29, 2024. The fight is the main event of UFC 303, which will take place at the T-Mobile Arena. Dana White has reported that gate fees have exceeded $20 million. 

Meanwhile, with so much hype about the fight, casual fans are wondering if it will live up to expectations. Also, McGregor is famous, but some casual fight fans don’t know much about Chandler. In recent years, Chandler has been impressive and won some big fights. Let’s do a little analysis of what to expect and the consequences of the fighting going either way.

What are the consequences of a win or loss for McGregor or Chandler?

The statistics show that McGregor is more popular than Chandler. McGregor’s fame increased after his fight with Mayweather. Nevertheless, a win for McGregor will help him remain one of the UFC’s best fighters. 

McGregor is undoubtedly one of the greatest UFC fighters of all time, but he has not fought for a while. Some fight fans believe he may not win the match because he is engaged in several activities, including business, movies, etc. A loss for McGregor means he will lose his relevance in the UFC.

Chandler has also had a great career in the UFC. The 38-year-old fighter hopes to beat McGregor to seal his place in history. However, Chandler has completed more in the lightweight division in his career. As far as this match is concerned, Chandler is the underdog. 

Most fight fans are hoping that Chandler will pull up a surprise against McGregor. In addition, checking on some sports betting sites, the odds of Chandler are higher than McGregor’s. Chandler is a great fighter and could win the match in 2024.

Match statistics of McGregor

McGregor has had a great career, as can be seen from his stats. Below is a highlight of McGregor’s statistics. 


Date of birth: 14/7/1988

Technical knockout: 19-2

Height: 5 “9”

Weight: 156 lbs

McGregor lost his last two matches against Dustin Poirier in 2021. This match against Chandler may just be the comeback he needs. 

Match statistics of Chandler 

Chandler’s career has never been in the spotlight like it is now. Obviously, the match against Chandler has made him more popular. Check a brief highlight of Chandler’s stats below.


Date of birth: 24/4/1986 

Technical knockout: 3

Height: 5 “8”

Weight: 156 lbs

Chandler is on his way to making history if he wins the match against McGregor. Meanwhile, the cash reward for fighting McGregor has not been disclosed yet.


The buzz the fight between McGregor and Chandler is creating is huge. Even though bookmakers hope that McGregor will win the match, it may not go that way. Besides, you can check other platforms like the MyBettingSite.uk UFC Page to learn more about the UFC main event. If you want to stake between both players, don’t be carried away with emotions and only bet on platforms licensed by Gambling Commission UK.


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