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Red Corner ready to ‘right the wrongs of Dublin Boxing’

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There is a familiar feel to the ‘bring big time boxing bacl to Dublin’ chatter, but there is something new about hearing it this time around.

Not the sound, more the look. Fresh=faced Andy Jennings and Jonathan Graham are the latest to have a capital fight plan and a big time boxing promise.

The Red Corner Promotions boss men, both under 30, join FS Promotions as another fight night organisation trying to revive the professional end of the sport in Dublin.

Since the times still affectionately remembered as the ‘Bernard Dunne Days’ the likes of Dolphil, Tony Davitt, MGM, and even Eddie Hearn have ran shows and predicted similar success, but the city is still waiting for regular shows of the ‘big time’ kind.

Red Corner begin their boxing assault on November 5th in the National Stadium and have the venue booked for three shows next year.

In their first media interview the duo laid out their mission statement and assured they have a plan and a format they believe will work.

“What we want to do is right the wrongs of Irish boxing, which is essentially young lads having to go off abroad to ply their trade elsewhere,” Graham told Irish-boxing.com.

“If we give them a platform to be able to box in Ireland in front of their home crowd, family, and friends, it’s beneficial for them, beneficial for us and for Irish boxing overall.”

“As boxing fans first and foremost we don’t like the idea that there is no boxing in Dublin on a regular basis.”

It’s a mission statement Irish fans have heard more than once over the last 10 years, and there are some who question whether Dublin has the same love, respect, and desire to take in boxing as Belfast – the current capital of Irish boxing.

Red Corner certainly believe there is a market and it’s one they think they have the formula to crack.

“There is definitely a market for boxing in Ireland. I think that is clear to see what you need is someone to go out and provide the platform. There are a whole host of active boxers, there is a whole host of interest. The model is there someone just needs to bring the platform out.”

“Too many times people have been having ticking over fights in Ireland and we want to change that we want competitive fights to bring fighters on and bring in the fans.” Graham continued before assuring November 5 isn’t a once off look at how things pan out.

“We have three penciled in for the Stadium for 2017 and we are in initial discussion to try and do some shows outside of Dublin. We are not committing to do town hall by town hall, but we are looking for it. We are already looking at Belfast if we can get the fight we are looking for.”

At present the duo are just looking to run shows and prove themselves as promoters with a plan, but Jennings explains they will look to sign talent to their label as time passes.

“That will be the plan (signing boxers to Red Corner) but right now we just want to get shows up and running. At the start of next year we will look to sign a few fighters.”

The pair, who will reveal the card over the coming weeks, also have plans to run shows outside Dublin.

“November is about showing we can give Irish fighters to the chance to fight at home, but we ultimately want to bring big time boxing back to Ireland. We want competitive fights, to build a decent card and then use that as a spring board and bring it forward that way.”


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