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Quigley delighted with comparisons to ‘GGG’ and targets future Golovkin fight

By Paddy Cronan

Jason Quigley’s talent and determination are attracting the attention of more than southern California’s local Mexican population. The rest of the boxing world is beginning to take notice of the trail of victims Quigley is leaving in the California sand.

Recently the accolades have been flooding in. Quigley was named the number 1 prospect in Irish boxing by Balls.ie’s Gavin Casey last week. In July, Boxing News and Views named him as one of, “Boxing’s Top 5 Prospects to Watch.” Our own Joe O’Neill had Quigley in his own ‘Hottest Prospects’. Boxing fans and observers are already drawing comparisons between Quigley and middleweight kingpin, Gennady “Triple G” Golovkin.

Quigley enjoys the comparison, as Golovkin has cultivated an enviable fan base in California, but he isn’t letting the praise go to his head. He knows there’s a lot of hard work to be done until he reaches Golovkin’s level, and uses the accolades and comparisons as a great source of motivation.

“Of course people will make comparisons,” Quigley shared. “We’re both in the same weight division. Hopefully down the line I will grace the ring and share the ring with him some day. Golovkin is the man right now, and as a young prospect coming up he is the man I want. Not right now, but in the future as I progress in my professional career. Golovkin is the man I want.

“I hear people saying, ‘I don’t want him,’ or they will try to avoid him, and they wouldn’t want to fight him. I can’t understand this. The man is the best there is out there, and that’s the guy you have to get in with to see where you’re at…and to be the best yourself, to make your own legacy and your own history. They’re the kind of boys you need to get in with. They’re the kind of boys that drive me on. Knowing where they’re at, the kind of boys that drive me on in training. Knowing where they’re at, and to face them someday…it’s a massive dream of mine.”


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years