Quigg would be vilified if he was to fight Frampton foe Gonzalez Jr says Hearn

CARL Frampton has taken an ‘easy touch’ by agreeing to fight Alejandro Gonzalez Jr, but made a smart move by agreeing to fight in America claims Eddie Hearn.

The Matchroom boss, who promotes Frampton rival Scott Quigg admits the CBS broadcast El Paso hosted July 18 World title defence provides ‘The Jackal’ with the perfect opportunity to gain wider exposure.

However, Hearn claims if his charge had agreed to fight the opponent Frampton will trade leather with come July 18 he would have been in for ‘days of abuse’.

Quigg has been accused of being a protected fighter, but will fight Kiko Martinez, the man Frampton defeated to claim the European title and the IBF World crown, on the same night and the Matchroom boss claims the Bury fighter is a more meaningful fight.

“If Scott Quigg was fighting that guy all you would see is days of abuse on Twitter. It is an easy touch and I don’t blame for taking an easy touch. It is his first fight in America, but I did say Scott Quigg was going to be a much bigger more meaningful fight than Frampton  and I was right,” Hearn told IFL TV.

“The opponent is very very average, but it is a very big opportunity for him. He is fighting in El Paso, Texas and he is on CBS, which is a big audience and I think it will be on ITV here. I don’t see it as a bad move, but I question the decision to go all the way to America, obviously for less money in a much easier fight when you could have fought Scott Quigg.

“But in terms of a move for him I think it is a good move for him he had run out of options here so it is a good move. I think it is a nothing fight but you can’t blame Carl Frampton he is getting paid very well for a nothing fight.”


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