Quigg: I am better than Frampton in every department- he is easiest champ to beat‏

SCOTT Quigg claims Carl Frampton is the easiest of the current World champions to beat and represents his best chance of buckling a real World title around his waist.

The WBA Regular Champion of the World looks more likely now than ever to face a fighter he has sparred verbally with for years. A Summer show down is being muted and if the fight is finally made Quigg believes he can beat the IBF Champion in ‘every department’.

Indeed the Matchroom super bantamweight claims Frampton, who is confident he would stop Quigg, is perfect for his style and would be an easier fight for him than WBC champion Leo Santa Cruz and WBO and WBA belt holder Guillermo Rigondeaux- who are both Frampton options.

“I would want the Carl Frampton fight next. It’s a 100 per cent possible. Frampton and the McGuigans are their own people – they are not tied down to anyone.

“That’s the biggest fight for me, it’s the biggest fight for him, for our profiles and I guarantee 100 per cent I would beat him. Style wise, it’s the easiest fight for me out of Frampton, Santa Cruz and obviously Rigondeaux. Out of the three, Frampton stylistically is the easiest fight for me,” said Quigg on Sky Sports.

“I rate him as a fighter, I think he’s a very good fighter, but I 100 per cent believe I beat him in every department. My best beats his best and it’s perfect timing, we’re both world champions. The timing is right for it.”

Frampton has options, but if he overcomes his first defence unscathed and beats Chris Avalos in Belfast on February 28, he will most likely fight Quigg.

The undefeated Cyclone Promotions puncher believes he is a level or two above Quigg and is eager to prove it on what would be a massive event. Not to mention team Cyclone would argue Quigg poses much less of a threat than Rigondeaux of Cruz!


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