Punisher set for American debut

By Jonny Stapleton

Patrick Hyland will offcially begin his American tale on January 14.

The Punisher will trade partying in Las Vegas with his new Promoters famous daughter, Snooki-of Jersey Shore fame- to potentially fighting in the gambling capital of the world.

The undefeated featherweight, who upped sticks to America in a bid fulfil his world title

Hyland in perfect 'situation'

dream, will make his Stateside and Final Round Promotions debut in January and hopes to be challenging for some form of title as soon as March.

The middle of the three Irish champion boxing brothers is training in New York with former two weight World Champ, Tracy Harris Patterson and believes his form of emigration has proved right for his career.

“I am settling in well and training is starting to pick up for my fight on January 14th.I feel I have made the right move in terms of my career. America is the place to be as a fighter, plus the boxing has dipped a bit in Ireland with no shows at all. So I think I have made the right move,” Hyland explained before revealing not to concrete details about his fight.
“I have a fight on January 14 then we are looking to be out again in March. Hopefully the March clash will be some form of title shot. I am really happy that I have a fight date sorted. They are looking a three spots for the venue Atlantic City, Vegas or New York. I am doing a 10 round fight and they have a few fighter’s on a short list.”

One of the side plots to the Tallaght native’s move across the Atlantic is direct link to an Italian American more famous than any Soprano style character.

‘Pajo’ is there to fight, but recently helped MTV Hit Jersey Shore’s Snooki celebrate her birthday.

“Snooki? Well I have only meet her a few time’s as she so busy with work and I am working hard in the gym, but yeah she is a good person and crazy at times. We are just back from Las Vegas and her birthday bash in LAX nightclub. She was great and was with my girlfriend Lorna all night they had a few drinks and a laugh.”


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