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6 March 2010 – By Leonard Gunning

Barry McGuigan dismissed his young charge’s latest victory as meaningless but maintains that Carl Frampton is destined for future greatness by obtaining experience in the gym with top class sparring partners.

Belfasts boxing punching super-bantamweight prospect Carl Frampton extended his record to 5-0 (3KO) following a one round demolition of unknown and previously unbeaten Hungarian novice Istvan Szabo on the undercard of the Gary Sykes victory over Andy Morris for the British super featherweight title at Huddersfield on Friday, March 5.

Frampton cut through Szabo like a hot knife through butter as he continued his march toward a title tilt – but his mentor, former WBA world champion, Barry McGuigan was keen to focus on the experience he is gaining with Britains best super bantamweights. McGuigan explained, “He didnt get the rounds in that we wanted. It was hard to gauge Szabos background from the limited information we had but that doesnt matter, the point is that he is out fighting regularly.

“We are keeping him busy and getting him used to hostile atmospheres, getting him to understand what its like to get ready for a big fight and the most important thing of all is that he is getting the sparring that he needs and that is really where he is learning not out there tonight.

Frampton, a two-weight Irish amateur champion, came to the ring in his now familiar black and gold attire and was soon followed by his taller, lighter Hungarian foe. As the opening bell sounded Szabo started the bout brightly utilising his longer reach and landing a long double jab from an orthodox stance and followed this up with a lunging straight right which caught the Tigers Bay fighter on the ribcage.

The brick fisted Jackal seemed unperturbed by this assault and stepped forward to land a looping right hook which cuffed Szabo about the temple. Szabo clinched and replied with a right cross which Hungarian off balance and back peddling towards the ropes. The taller fighter regained his composure and prodded out of weak jab which was met by Frampton who countered with a double hook to body and then head which shook Szabo to his core.

Frampton sensed this weakness and closed in with another cuffing right that forced Szabo forward and to touch down with both gloves after only 25 seconds. Szabo stood in his own corner whilst Phil Edwards administered a count of eight. The contest was over ten seconds later when Edwards had seen enough as Frampton crashed in a thunderous right to the body and then jaw of a hapless Szabo and Edwards called a halt to proceedings.

Trainer Gerry Storey was more matter of fact about the bout, “Carl put into practice what he has been trying out in the gym, everything worked according to plan as far as we were concerned.

A lot of people dont realise the power that he carries and if they sampled what the Hungarian did tonight they wouldnt be surprised that he went down the way he did. outlined the Holy Trinity stalwart.

Frampton was happy with his night work but like McGuigan put more stow in the experience he garnered in the professional gymnasiums in England. On the fight itself the Tigers Bay banger explained, You can only beat what is put in front of you and he wasnt really able to continue once he felt my power.

Frampton further elucidated, “I did what I had to do. I was firstly looking to get the win, but I had been practicing a few shots including the shot that put him away in the end, luckily he ducked into it and went down so it worked out alright. I am not going to learn much of Szabo but I am getting good sparring.

“Ive recently been in with Akaash Bhatia and Jason Booth, hopefully I will be getting in with Rendall Munroe as well. Everything is moving along nicely and at this point in time thats what I want.”

This point was underlined by the Clones Cyclone McGuigan, “Carl has been in with quality opposition and doing exceptionally well doing eight rounds at a flat out pace going non stop and he looked magnificent, he is a star in the making, I absolutely believe that.

Carl has the boxing intelligence to transfer everything from the gym into the ring. He is calm, he is level headed, he is self assured and knows what he is capable of and is not concerned about any fighter. We are going to spar with Rendall Munroe, as he prepares for a world title which will be a great step.”

As Frampton came through this encounter unscathed he is likely to get another outing in April before he appears on the undercard of Paul McCloskeys return to the ring in May or June with Belfast’s Kings Hall the likely venue.

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