Picture This: Bizzare Martin Rogan Tyson Fury press conference

Calm before the strangest storm!!!
TV attraction: Ulsters TV stations show interest in the fight
Iron Man punches the air
Hennessy "this is the great heavyweight fight to come to Ireland since Ali/Lewis
seeing double: Fury hopes to have Roggie seeing double on April 14
Making his point- Rogan promises to bring the hurt
relaxed:Fury paid no heed to Riggies taunts
Here is looking at you!
Fury stands up to deliver his stand up routine
it's cracker Rogan follows suit
Rogan wins the comedy duel and battle of wit
Not to be out done Fury gets out his party piece and proves he has the Xfactor
Sing when your winning!!
The Entertainer entertains the press and the sweet science specailist breaks into not so sweet song
Back to the boxing and to the head to head

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