Hardwick Building for a sucessful future

By Jonny Stapleton

Thomas Hardwick has given up his construction job in a bid to further build his boxing career in Madison Square Garden on March 17.

The Dublin heavyweight gave up the day job to train full time in a bid to get in perfect shape for the massive St Patrick’s Day fight night.

Hardwick (4-0) will face Blu Delong (0-3) in a contest scheduled for four rounds n the under card of Sergio Martinez’s clash with leading world middleweight Sergio Martinez and believes he will benefit from the extra time in the gym.

“I finished work on Friday, so I am training full time. Taking off work has given me the extra time to get fitter,” he told the Irish Voice.

The Dubliner, who hopes to perfect the winning formula at the New York Sports Lab, believes he is building toward a successful future.

“He is bigger than me and I think he might be fast, but I don’t know how much leverage he has. I don’t want to be chasing him around the ring, I want to cut the ring off. We want to keep improving. I know I am not the most skillful fighter in the world. I know my heart is there, but I want to be able to beat guys with skill before I have to go to war,” Hardwick says.

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