Peters releases Maloney offer

19 November 2008 – by Mark Doyle

Irish promoter Brian Peters has taken the unprecedented step of making public his written offer to Frank Maloney regarding the arrangement of a fight between Bernard Dunne and European super-bantamweight champion Rendall Munroe.

The two promoters have, of late, become embroiled in a bitter war of words over the proposed bout, with both men claiming that the other is ‘scared’ of making the fight happen.

Peters claimed on Sunday that Maloney had turned down a 60,000 offer to bring Munroe to Dublin, but less than 24 hours later Maloney said he had yet to receive any such offer.

Now Peters has put the ball back in Maloney’s court by releasing his contract offer and also inviting the English promoter into a side bet of 40,000 on the outcome of the fight.

Frank made his usual excuses about needing to see the offer in writing, Peters said of Maloney’s comments, which were made at a press conference in Dublin City University on Monday.

Thats the whole reason why I went public on this, my last offer of 40,000 was ignored by Frank other than to mumble some excuse about not wanting to fight in Dublin.

Obviously with Rendall fighting in Dublin next month [against Fabrizio Trotta on December 18] that no longer seems to be an issue so Ive now increased the offer to 60,000 and were still getting excuses.

“Im amazed, to be frank, as I was told by a few people that Rendall would jump at the chance to make some real money. Hes obviously either being held back or just doesnt want to risk his title against Bernard.

Anyway, just to make them put up or shut up Ive put the offer in writing to him and Ive also made that written offer public for everyone to see. Frank is still saying that Bernard is ‘running scared’ of Munroe so just to address that Ive added a 40,000 side bet to the offer between myself and Frank over the outcome of the bout. When I win I’ll be more than happy to donate that 40,000 to charity.

If there are still more excuses after this then I think the public will be able to make up their own minds about just whos ducking who. After all if its the easy fight they think it is then surely 60,000 for Munroe and 40,000 for Frank would be easy money for them particularly given that Munroe is currently earning a only a fraction of that per fight.

Peters’ offer is as follows:

Dear Mr. Maloney, I refer to the above proposed bout. I am happy to offer Rendall Munroe in writing the sum of 60,000.00 for him to defend his European Super Bantamweight title against Bernard Dunne in Ireland.

I will additionally offer a side-bet of stg 40,000.00 on the outcome of this bout payable to a charity of my nomination.

Please come back to me as soon as possible in order that we might discuss and agree the terms and conditions of the fight such as dates, location, television etc.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,Brian Peters

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