Peters: Dunne-Munroe unlikely

07 May 2008 – by Mark Doyle

Bernard Dunnes promoter, Brian Peters, has revealed that he is trying to secure a world title shot for his fighter because of the reluctance of European Champion Rendall Munroe to agree to a bout in Ireland with the Dubliner.

Dunne is keen on reclaiming the super-bantamweight strap he lost to Kiko Martinez last August but the Spaniards subsequent conqueror, Munroe, who has already made one successful title defence, is unwilling to cross the Irish Sea for what would be a high-profile bout.

As a result, Peters is making alternative arrangements for Dunne.

For Bernard theres a possibility that we could bypass the European title and go for a world title, he revealed.

Rendall Munroe is the European Champion now and Ive spoken to his promoter, Frank Maloney, and theyre not keen on coming to Ireland to fight Bernard.

So, with that being the case, we need to look at other options and the most opbvious one is to go for the world title.

Theres no point hanging around at European level waiting for a fight that may not happen anyway.

Bernard had a good win in Castlebar last month against a very decent opponent in Felix Machado and Im sure if he can get another couple of wins like that well be knocking the door of a world title shot.

We cant afford any slip-ups but Bernard still needs to beat the kind of guys that can secure him a world ranking, so this is a crucial period in his career.

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