Markussen starts training for Brian Magee fight

By Jonny Stapleton

Rudy Markussen knows the who, the where but not yet the when, when it comes to his next outing.

After reading a story on (and to quotes originally printed in Mirror Sport) which suggested the Dane would most likely fight Brian Magee in Copenhagen on February 25, Markussen was prompted to start training.

‘Hardhitter’ stressed he was aware the fight was in the pipeline, but has yet to be informed of an official date.

“I have heard dates both before and after, but February 25 would suit me fine. I need to start training now, if it is February 25. But I can get in shape in that time,” Rudy Markussen told

Promoter Nisse Sauerland was equally tentative about confirming a date. Sauerland is confident the clash will be agreed this week, but is rumoured to be have trouble with the TV network he usually does business with.

“We are still negotiating with Pat Magee. I can confirm that the fight will be done, but the date is not yet set,” Nisse Sauerland says to


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