People will be surprised when the see me fight suggests Byrne

“If I had one fight and won it will be more than anyone thought I would do,” Jay Byrne calmly told suggesting their is no pressure on the the latest Irish fighter to turn over ahead of his June 25 debut.

Considering he has more stumbled than forged his way into the Irish pro scene that is certainly the case, but don’t be fooled by his calm demeanour or his tendency to play things down.

There is a desire in burning in Byrne’s eyes, the way he lives the life, the manner in which he willing to learn and train suggests he wants more than one win.

The fighter, who punches for pay for first time in National Stadium on the FS Promotions and Ricky Hatton’s first show in Ireland, makes you believe he is one to look out for without providing any concrete evidence as to why.

One fight a time talk was obviously the media agenda, but talk of things further down the line often crept in.

“Eddie (Hyland Byrne’s coach) has mentioned a title path, but I don’t like to do that. I will focus on this first fight.  I would be confident I can win my first few fights and then going into next year, Eddie says I will be able to do 8 and 10 rounders as I am naturally fit, but we will see. If there is a title there I will take it, but I am just thinking about June 25 now.”

The Novice amateur champion with no massive pro ambitions was eventually persuaded to turn over after some good sparring displays against Anthony Fitzgerald and the arrival of Ricky Hatton and the emergence of FS Promotions.

“It’s a great card to debut on. When I heard there were big things like this happening from Eddie (Hyland) and Tommy (McCormack) it gave me that final push to turn over. The chance to be apart of this was too good to turn down. I was sparring with Anthony Fitzgerald earlier in the year and when I showed the lads they videos they were saying I was holding my own with a seasoned and tough pro. They said if I could hold my own with Fitzy and actually train as a pro I could be tidy.”

Not much is known of Byrne. He wasn’t as noted as a amateur as Eric Donovan who also debuts on ‘The Future’ card, hasn’t been around as long as the likes of Alan Donnellan or Darren Cruise or hasn’t got a domestic rival to get him some headlines ala Sean Creagh or Stephen Carroll. However, those have seen him punch in the past also know nothing of what to expect come June 25 according to the fighter who plans to debut at 69kgs.

“I am still learning a lot. I am constantly learning with Eddie, people haven’t seen what I can do. I never had a coach before. I trained myself stayed fit and just sparred helping people get ready for their fights. So it will be all new and I am really looking forward to putting what I have learnt into practice. I would like to take the chance to thank my sponsors Matt Britton flooring High tech spec MC MOTORS Ramblers Rest GK autopoint, they have been a great help.”




Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years