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Paul Ryan: Non-All Irish Willing Boxers Lose the Right to Complain

If you’re not willing to take a risk you can’t moan about the lack of rewards argues Paul Ryan.

Ryan is adamant fighters avoiding domestic action is one of the biggest ills of a slow Irish scene and claims those fighters can have no gripes about the symptoms that come from a lack of activity on these shores.

The domestically keen Dubliner believes he is one of the most avoided fighters in Irish boxing.

The European Schools Championship medal winner has called out everyone in and around his weight on the island and beyond to no avail.

The Stevie Collins managed fighter understands why that is the case, pointing out he is chairman of the who needs him club.

However, he claims those fighters who rebuff domestic title fights and all Irish offers lose the right to complain about the lack of a regular boxing scene.

“I’ve dropped all the names. There is nothing more I can do,” he tells Irish-boxing.com.

“I’d love a domestic fight because I think that’s what’s going to build boxing. It’s well and good saying we need a platform and we need Dublin boxing back but we need Irish lads to fight Irish lads. That’s what’s going to sell, that’s what’s going to build the scene for us as fighters,” he adds wrapping a hidden call out in a very smart point.

Ryan, who was most recently rejected by the undefeated current BBBofC Celtic Champion Sion Yaxley, understands why he is struggling to find break through opponents.

“I’m in the who needs him club,” he explains.

“There is nothing to gain from fighting me. I’m not with any of the big promoters, there wouldn’t be a title on the line, so why would you fight me? If I put myself in their shoes I get it completely but as a fighter, you should fight.”

It’s a difficult position for the fighter, who rumour suggests will go the IBO ranking title route, but one he feels having regular Dublin fight nights can only help.

Speaking before his proposed September 16 Dublin debut was cancelled he saidL: “Having a Dublin should help. I know there are plans to have more Dublin shows so if we build from that and make it a regular thing, plus with Matchroom coming back as well, if fighters know we are going to get a good slot on a big card there is a lot more to play with.”


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