Patience is the key for Tyson Fury’s rematch with Deontay Wilder

They can’t be any different, and their first match proved that. While Tyson Fury did everything to control the match and was ahead on points, Deontay Wilder saved himself with two hard knockouts for a controversial draw that left them both undefeated. But, for their rematch on February 22 in Las Vegas, no one is talking about that possibility. While the promotional activities for the fight are going strong, listening to what the boxers have to say won’t give you an idea about how the fight might go.

It’s the usual mix of insults and big talk about knockouts, as both fighters are not interested in talking about their strategies. Still, it looks pretty clear what Fury needs to do to win this one.

Nothing has changed since their last meeting. Wilder is still a slugger, and even though he improved his boxing skills, he can’t compete against Fury. If the match goes to distance, there are high chances that Fury will be victorious. If the match goes to distance with Fury not suffering multiple knockdowns, there is almost no chance that Wilder can win that fight. That is what suggests that Wilder is under pressure to perform aggressive even in the first few rounds, as it’s doubtful that even his team would tell him that he could outbox his rival.

Still, it would be an error for Fury to relax and play online sex games at home, thinking that he will easily keep his distance. If he stays to conservative, Wilder will have target practice. Giving him too much space is an invitation for a knockout, as he did it so many times. It doesn’t sound pleasant, but Fury must be prepared to take some heavy shots, as he did so many times in their first fight. On the other hand,  Wilder might be discouraged that after knocking down Fury two times, he managed to get up easily and continue fighting as nothing happened. It won’t be easy for him to face the man who can absorb the best shots he can deliver. 

So, what will happen on that Saturday night? Boxing is one of the most unpredictable sports, and as Mike Tyson famously said, “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” Still, as this is their second fight and they know each other so well, it would be a surprise if this fight would end up in early rounds. A few first rounds look like they won’t offer much unless there is an unexpected spark that will fuel the flame. If that doesn’t happen, look for Wilder to be more aggressive as the rounds go.

Fury needs to be patient, but at the same time, he needs to hit back unexpectedly, which might surprise his rival. There is no doubt that Wilder was baffled that Fury was so aggressive after knockdowns in their first fight so that he might be cautious. But if we move to the second half of the fight, the American will care less and less about strategy. There won’t be any place for free sex games or anything else in his mind, as he will only try to find a way to earn a knockout. Losing this one is less about suffering his first defeat and losing the WBC title. The winner of this match will face Anthony Joshua, while the loser will be sidelined for at least a year, or even more. And for Wilder that will be 35 this October, that might be too long.

Of course, for Irish fans, it will be the nerve-racking night, but for neutrals, this is almost a perfect fight. With such a strong puncher that can end the night at any round and a  master tactician such as Fury, it will be a fight that anyone can enjoy. While it would be hard to predict a winner, it looks like Wilder is under more pressure to finish the match on a stoppage. But, the biggest surprise of the night might come if we have a horrible fight, which we believe won’t happen. Free adult games are a great way to have fun, but just for the next few days, get yourself ready for the fight that might be for ages. Boxing shows signs of recovery in the last couple of years, and matter what they tell you about MMA outgrowing it, that is still far away from the truth. 


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