Paris or the Pros – Kellie Harrington Has ‘Decision to Make’ as Pro Offers Come In

Kellie Harrington has yet to give any real thought to the pro offers that have come her way since her Olympic success.

The Dubliner admits she has a ‘big decision to make’ and has yet to decide whether it will be all systems go for Paris or to start a pro journey.

There are pro offers on the table and a meeting with High Performance Director Bernard Dunne set up for next week. However, the whirlwind nature of the 31-year-old’s return home meant her future hasn’t been at the forefront of her mind, although she claims a choice will be made soon.

“At the moment, I’m not even off the plane a week yet so I genuinely don’t know what I’m doing — whether I’m going pro, whether I’m not going pro,” said the Olympic Champion said when speaking in her role as ambassador for FBD Insurance, sponsors of the Irish Olympic team.

“I’ve had some offers. I don’t know what to do yet. It’s a big decision to make so I have to be sure that I make the right decision — not just for me but for my family and Mandy (partner) and stuff. So, I’ll have to see what I do but I’ll definitely be coming to that decision sooner rather than later because I want to get back training, so it has to be made.”

If the Portland Row native was to ditch the singlet and enter the pro ranks she would most likely enter a weight division dominated by fellow Olympic gold medal winner Katie Taylor.

The undisputed world champion’s name was mentioned alongside her former Irish teammates today but Harrington was keen to pour cold water on any attempts to hype a potential fight between herself and her fellow Irish boxing star.

“Katie Taylor is a phenomenal athlete. She does her thing and I do my thing. At the moment, this is my thing, this is my time. I’m not thinking of Katie Taylor, I’m not thinking of fighting Katie Taylor; she’s not even on my radar. She hasn’t been on my radar.

“She will continue to do great things and I’m sure whatever I will do will be great for me.”


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years