Owen Duffy hangs up his gloves

Owen Duffy has retired from the sport of boxing.

Duffy revealed his decision to hang them up at the age of just 29 today.

He admits it’s a move made earlier than expected but one he feels he needs to make, particularly after the manner of his stoppage defeat suffered in the Irish Boxing Awards Fight of the Year last year.

The stoppage defeat upset his family and friends, forced him to take time off work and the fact he was so close to victory and a big title win meant some mental as well as physical anguish.

He leaves the pro game grateful for what the sport has done for him and with the gratitude of fight fans. From the off Duffy wasn’t afraid to step into fights of note and was in three domestic dust up, one of which was a Fight of the Year contender and the other won the gong.

His biggest win proved to be a get-up-off-the-floor victory in the battle of Cavan.

Breaking the news on social media today he wrote:

“I am writing this post earlier than I had ever visualized in my career. This decision to retire from the sport I love dearly having dedicated many hours, days, months, and years to was not an easy task nor if I am truthful is my adaptation to my “new norm” but 4 months in I am adjusting slowly to my new routine.

“My love for the sport developed as a 17-year-old. Upon reflection in recent weeks, I have come to realise It allowed me to seek quiet amongst the storm and to distract from every day. I am forever grateful for all the experiences and adventures boxing has allowed me to have, for the travel opportunities, and more importantly for the lifelong friendships I have gained. Being in the ring allowed me to disconnect from reality, to be focused, to be free and to flow. My mind and body were one. A wise person said, not all learning happens in a classroom and that I can 100% confirm to be true, boxing has taught me many valuable life lessons, I have learned what my body is capable off, more importantly what my mind is capable off and the profound impact that an individual’s mindset can have on their daily routine, their habits and their outcomes. I have learned what it like to be winning at life, what it is like to ‘lose’ and the emotions that also brings and how to process those emotions and that emotions are only temporary. You either win or learn in life. Here is to more learning.

“In the weeks following my last fight I was made acutely aware of the love that I have in my life and how the events on that night caused worry among my nearest and dearest. I was unable to return to work at my company Transform Ireland for several weeks and that brings its own financial challenges and the feeling of letting my wonderful clients down as well as the internal struggles with myself and the endless what if questions.”

“I am very aware that my boxing journey would not have been possible without the constant guidance of my lifelong friend and coach Frick Mc Mahon. I am forever grateful that he is my life. To my family and friends who travelled to see me fight on numerous occasions, who provided words of encouragement, love and support. I am truly blessed. To all my sponsors over the years including Bit.eu, Lady Joker.com, The O Brien Family, Ciaran Mc Connon Car Sales, Awesome coffee beans carrickmacross and in recent months Advanced Fire protection for making the journey go a little smoother. I am forever grateful.

“It is time to move on to the next chapter and see what adventure awaits.”


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years