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Ormond: Flanagan clash will be a tougher challenge than Matthews

STEPHEN Ormond says current British Champion Terry Flanagan poses more of a treat than former title holder Derry Matthews.

Ormond defeated Liverpool’s Matthew’s back in December resisting a victory some have labeled a ‘breakthrough’. Frank Warren wanted to make Ormond versus Matthews II, but the Dubliner wanted to progress and pushed for a fight with the undefeated Manchester fighter instead.

Matthew’s is probably the bigger name, due to the fact he is more known to the casual fan, but Ormond claims his November 24 WBO European title defence against 25 year old Flanagan is a tougher test than his battle with the former EBU European title challenger.

“I think this is a tougher fight than Matthews,” Ormond told Irish-boxing.com.

“He is unbeaten and that always gives you confidence. He is a good a fighter and I fight him away from home.”

“He is 25-0 and a lot of people are avoiding him. It is a big fight for me, a real big fight. I believe I will beat him. I have to put the work in now and get the tactics right and I will have my hand raised on the night. It is the challenge I need and the big fight I needed at this stage. They wanted me to fight Derry Matthew’s again and that is why things have been held up. I said no I want to progress I have beaten Matthews, been there and I didn’t want to go back.”

The fact Flanagan boxes out of a southpaw stance would make him a more daunting prospect for most, but unlike most of orthodox brethren the 31 year old Dubliner actually likes fighting lefties.

“I actually enjoy fighting southpaws. A lot people say they are tricky and they can be awkward, but I actually enjoy fighting them. You can make angles with them and land shots. I have been sparring southpaws here in the gym and I don’t find it that much different.


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