Ormond closing in on IBF World title shot

If the boxing stars align Stephen Ormond could get a World title shot before the Summer is out according to coach Paschal Collins.

‘The Rock’ hasn’t been overly fortunate in his pursuit of the big names and prestigious straps over the years, suffering from the classic a ‘high risk low reward’ ailment.

However, the Clondalkin puncher is adamant he will make his own fortune this year and is determined to force a situation where one of the four title holders will have to fight him.

Ormond took action into his own gloves earlier this year and it may just open a path way to that coveted shot. Knowing the British world title holders won’t be keen to trade leather with him, the former Senior Champion went Stateside to claim the IBF International title and according to Collins it has opened door to a possible World title shot.

The talk Stateside after Ormond won the title in March suggested Ormond could either challenge the winner of current champ IBF lightweight World champion Rances Barthelemy and contender Richard Commey mutted World title fight or could fight Commey for a vacant strap if the champion moves up.

“At the moment there is talk about the Cuban kid, the IBF champion. I hear Ritchie Commey and Barthelemy are going to fight for that title, but then we heard stories out in the States that Barthelemy will move and vacate. So there is a good possibility that Steve Ormond and Commey could fight for the vacant strap,” Collins told Irish-boxing.com.

“There is no one and two in the ranking, Commey is three and without going into it too much there is a strong possibility that Commey could face Ormond if the title is vacated. If not Ormond will be looking for the winner if those two meet and the talk in the States when we were there was that Ormond is close and certainly he is on the radar.”

If anyone knows ‘the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry’ in boxing it’s team Ormond so Collins says they are keeping their options open.

“That is all a good possibilty, but it’s boxing and if we have to keep options open. So if that doesn’t happen we will defend the title or try fight for an interim or eliminator to get mandatory position. Ormond will fight in America until he gets a World title. Then we will come home when we are in a position of power and can attract TV. Ormond could then fight on a Matchroom show possibly because we have seen ken Casey or Al Haymon can work with Matchroom.

“Most likely he will be back out in June and if hopefully that will be a title fight or one that leads to a major title fight.”


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