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‘I was f**ked in the Eubank Jr fight Paschal made right call’ – Spike O’Sullivan

While Nick Blackwell is thankfully on the road to recovery, he will never fight again.

The former British champion woke from his induced coma on Saturday, winning the toughest battle of his life, a week after collapsing at the end of his fight with Chris Eubank Jnr.

The unfortunate injury forced the last man to fight Chris Eubank Jr to reflect on his clash with the British middleweight and express his gratitude to his coach for pulling him out and ensuring he ‘lived to fight another day’.

Gary Spike O’Sullivan was pulled out by his corner in a grudge match with a fighter the Cork man says he would love to fight again. The former Irish champion, who now looks set for a move to light middleweight, didn’t ship as much punishment as Blackwell, but was fighting with a perforated ear drum and Pascal Collins elected to pull him out after seven rounds.

It was a decision that was questioned by some fight fans at the time, but on ‘Spike’ claims was correct. Post fight Collins and O’Sullivan continually sold the ‘live to fight another day’ line and upon reflection such a summation seems apt.

“Like we said ‘I live to fight another day’. Honestly I was absolutely f**ked in that fight. My eardrum was done and the pain in my head was horrendous. My vision was affected I couldn’t see. As I was going forward it was hard to focus on him. I was getting caught too easy. I wasn’t too pissed off with Paschal because he knows best and I knew I was f**ked. I did think if I could catch him clean I could end it, but Paschal made the right decision. I live to fight another day,” Spike told Irish-boxing.com before discussing the Blackwell Eubank fight.

“I thought it should have been called a halt to earlier. He was out of the fight and I don’t think he troubled Eubank at any stage and with no real chance of winning and shipping those shots I think it should have been stopped. Eubank hits hards not one punch knock out stuff but he is strong.”

“He earned my respect. I respect all fighters to be honest, but I still think he is an ass hole as a person. I would love to fight him again. Without the ear injury it could have went different. I wobbled him. I will say he can take a shot but I never got him clean on the chin I got him on the nose and that, just never on the chin.”


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