‘One of the best fighters ever to come out of Britain’ – English world champ winds up Irish fans

Sunny Edwards is on the wind up again deliberately looking to annoy Irish fight fans.

The IBF flyweight world champion went route one and straight for the one thing that would guarantee a reaction, claiming an Irish sports star for Britain.

In fact, even worse he heralded Irish Icon and possibly the country’s greatest ever athlete Katie Taylor as a great Great Brit.

The English world champion mocked-up a photo of Taylor in a sports top featuring the British Union Jack flag, posting the picture on his Twitter page alongside the caption: “This is her winning Olympic gold for Britain.”

The tweet was in response to a slagging match he got into with fans on the social media site after he boasted: “Crazy that little old me is the most feared fly and super flyweight in the world.

“Look at how every one of my ‘rivals’ and their promoters go deaf dumb and mute when my name is mentioned. Let that be the legacy I’m remembered for.”

However, one of his fans replied: “You’re not a big draw. Chill bro. Katie Taylor would smoke you.”

To which he replied: “Well she is one of the best fighters to ever come out of Britain.”

Edwards, who enjoys his controversial status online, was well aware of the reaction the post would generate, and a host of Irish fans took the bait.

It’s a sensitive subject as a host of British media outlets have discovered when they tried to claim Taylor as their own. Sky, in particular, have received an abundance of ire for calling the Olympic gold medal winner British and the Daily Telegraph felt the need to publically apologies for doing the same.


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