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‘Old Dirty B*st*rd’ up next for Declan Geraghty

Not the ODB of Wu Tang fame, but next up for Declan Geraghty is the Hungarian that one prominent Irish boxing writer labeled ‘that old dirty bastard’ when he saw him enter the ring against Jamie Kavanagh in the National Stadium last November.

Oszkar Fiko is known as one of the roughest and dirtiest fighters to fight in in Ireland, and he faces the two weight amateur champ in Spain on Saturday night. The likes of Daniel McShane, Patrick Hyland and Kavanagh can attest to how awkward he is, and will all agree his respect for the rules is minimum at best.

All three will confess it’s hard to look good against the man who loves to wrestle, hit low and use his head.

However, to the Hungarian’s credit he doesn’t come to lie down and is always game. It’s always a dangerous fight to take in terms of cuts.

Fiko could mess up ‘Pretty Boy’s’ face, but it just might an ideal fight for Geraghty at this stage of his career.

The former Tom Stalker and Ryan Walsh foe comes with a winning record and a winning mentality, and if Geraghty can look good against the Hungarian it will be a mini-statement in itself.

On the other hand, if the extremely talented puncher has to deal with some rough house tactics it will prove valuable experience.


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