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Big Sexy: Journeyman would give me better workout than ‘big eejit’ Gavern

Some call him a gatekeeper, but Sean Turner says Jason Gavern is nothing but a journey man.

In that regard he doesn’t see the benefits of trading leather with the 39 year old American heavyweight.

The pair have traded verbals like Gatti and Ward traded punches over the last year with both saying they would love nothing more than to do damage to the other.

Gavern (27-21-4) has provided opposition for some big names including current world champions Anthony Joshua, a former amateur foe of ‘Big Sexy,’ and Deontay Wilder and the man who holds a win over James Toney appears to be a good name to add to your slate.

However, Turner believes he would get a better work out from a journey man.

Speaking ahead of his first six round clash in Marbella this Saturday, Turner told Irish-boxing,

“They all want to fight me now. I would fight any of them, but it has to be right for me. I would fight Jason Gavern now, but really what does that do for my career or progression.

“You may as well fight a journey man, he is a nuisance when it comes to contracts and money. All that and he comes to lose like a journey man.”

Gavern has admitted he flirted with journeyman status in recent times, but was adamant he would turn up to ‘hurt’ the former Irish Amateur champ.

Indeed, he claims he would love enough to notice to put in a camp before coming to ‘punch the little fat kid in the face’.

Turner thinks the American is all talk, but did say if a contract was put on the table he would happily defeat the NABF title challenger.

“After all he said I thought maybe he would come and give me a test, but after I seen him fight that White Rhino chap (Dave Allen) I thought to myself ‘is there any point’. He did nothing and if he turned up like that against me It would be an knock out win.

“He is saying I should send him a contract, but he wants to fight me. Let him send me the contract and I will fight him anywhere. I’d go to America and beat him.”


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