O’Kane: Magee and McClsokey can emulate McClroy, Clarke McDowell

June 20 Jonny Stapleton 

Paul McCloskey stable mate and Brian Magee’s most recent sparring partner Eammon O’Kane believes the duo can ensure Ulster is renowned for its boxing as it is for its golf.

The fledgling pro and Commonwealth Gold Medalist, believes the duo are on course to claim world crowns and will emulate messers Clarke McClroy and McDowell by putting becoming two of the brightest lights in their sport.

O’Kane (2-0), who plans to take a big scalp on the under card of ‘Dudey’s’ September 10 clash with Breidis Prescott, has worked with both McCloskey and Magee ahead of their respective WBA world title eliminator and WBA interim title fight and has been impressed with what he saw.

“Paul is a great friend of mine and someone I look up to. I came into this game to emulate him and its an honour to be on his card. I am as excited about his fight as I am mine.

“Brian is a class act. I learnt a lot of tricks from him in sparring recently. He has the capability of doing well. He is great shape and Jamie Barboza will have to be at the top of his game to have any chance of beating Brian. I am confident Brain can win the belt and it would be great for the country if he did. If him and Paul get world titles it would be great for everybody. It will be exactly like the golf and both are very capable of winning.”

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