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Frightened and chinny Ogogo is embarrassing himself says Spike

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Gary ‘Spike’ O’Sullivan believes Anthony Ogogo is running scared.

The Cork middleweight has been pushing for a clash with the London 2012 Olympic medalist since his brother, who lost to Ogogo in the amateurs showed him a video of the Sauerland puncher name dropping him earlier this year.

In typical ‘Spike’ fashion he has resorted to social media antics and humorous video’s to drum up interest in the clash.

However, Ogogo hasn’t taken the bait and instead distanced himself from fighting the former Irish Champion, indeed the undefeated Olympic bronze medal winner went as far as to say the ‘whiney kid’ was below him.

The Pascal Collins trained fighter claims Ogogo’s comments are proof he is afraid of the big punching former Chris Eubank Jr and Billy Joe Saunders foe.

“I want Ogogo he has said he’d beat me and so fort. He even said he’d end my career if we fought so I’m very eager to get him in the ring and batter him,” Spike told Hit Hard before claiming the English middleweight was afraid.

“I believe he is playing down my achievements in an attempt to avoid me, but I believe boxing fans can see easily what he is doing and he is embarrassing himself, he is turning into a laughing stock. He isn’t a bad boxer, he has an Olympic medal but is not very strong and he is chinny.”


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