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Larry Fryers ‘pissed off’ as ‘diabolical’ ref and ‘hold’ merchant ruin his big night

Larry Fryers [11(4)-2(1)] believes ‘diabolical’ refereeing ruined his massive breakthrough chance last Friday night.

The Monaghan fighter was handed a 50/50 fight on a DAZN broadcast Matchroom card, which was hosted by the Theater at Madison Square Garden.

The New York based fighter felt it was the perfect chance to show what he could do and pre-fight seemed as determined to put on a show as he was to win.

However, the noted entertainer, who got off the floor in the first round of his last fight to win by second round stoppage,  didn’t get the war he wanted, rather he got a wrestling match.

Ringside reports confirm his opponent Wesley Ferrer [14(7)-1-1] continually looked to hold during the fight on  the undercard of Devin Haney and Zaur Abdullaev’s world title eliminator. 

In fact the American was continually warned by referee Sparkle Lee for the offence in an 79-73, 79-73, 80-72 points decision victory, but was never punished by referee Sparkle Lee.

‘Lethal Larry’ admits he didn’t do enough to win, but suggests he wasn’t allowed to do so because of what he believes was poor refereeing.

“I’m feeling pretty hard done by after it to be honest. I feel it wasn’t dealt with fairly,” the 29-year-old told Irish-boxing.com. 

“I’m pretty pissed off with how it played out as between him and the ref you couldn’t really call it a fight.

“The refs’ performance was diabolical, she completely ruined that fight. She allowed him to hold all night long and done nothing but warn him. He was warned at least 10 times a round and every time I got close to him to work she would jump in and break it up,” he adds before pointing out that the offences continued throughout the fight.

“It was always the same. He had his arms around my neck and as I was trying to work to the body she would grip my arm and pull me away. It was shocking.”

With such a wide decision win, a single point deduction would not have a massive bearing on the outcome, but if done early enough it would have deterred the American – and thus ensured the fight played out differently.

“If she had have done her job properly she would have took a point of him. That’s all that had to be done. It would of been a different fight as he wouldn’t have looked to hold like that again.”

So angry were Fryers and his team that they registered a complaint with regard to the referee.   

“There’s a complaint in with regards to her performance and all going well she will never be allowed to ref again as she was absolutely terrible.”

The majority of disgruntled fighters look for a rematch, but in Fryers case he never wants to see the negative Ferrer again.

As a fighter who has built a reputation on toe to toe fan friendly action he can’t phantom his most recent opponents approach.

“I wouldn’t want a rematch as that guy doesn’t want to fight. He just wants to run and hold all night so it doesn’t make sense,” he adds before wondering if a referee with a stricter approach would make a difference. 

“In saying that if I could get a ref who knew what they where at then, yeah, I’d fight him again. He proved in that fight he didn’t want to trade with me and that he was afraid with all his running and holding so with a competent ref, maybe.”


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