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Ogogo doesn’t want Eubank Jr’s ‘sloppy seconds’

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He is handsome, charismatic, and high profile – Anthony Ogogo most likely doesn’t have to deal with sloppy seconds outside of the ring, and it seems he isn’t interested in them within the squared circle either.

The Norwich puncher claims there is a sloppy seconds element to Cork middleweight Gary ‘Spike’ O’Sullivan after he ‘quit’ against Chris Eubank Jr last December. As a result, he claims he has nothing to gain from fighting the former Irish Champion.

Ogogo, dubbed ‘Oh-no-no’ by O’Sullivan, did name drop the Celtic Warrior Gym puncher earlier in the year and the Leesider took exception and began hounding the London 2012 bronze medal winner since the Summer.

However, the Sauerland puncher has come up with a number of reason not to take the fight, the latest being he is British title keen and, as a proud Cork man, O’Sullivan doesn’t provide passage to that ‘pit stop’.

“The last time I heard of him, he’d pulled out against Eubank Jr. What do I gain from beating up Eubank Jr’s sloppy seconds?” Ogogo told Sky Sports.

“He hasn’t got a big reputation, that went in one fell swoop when he quit on his stool against Eubank Jr. If he’s got a European title or something that I want, then happy days, let’s fight! If not, do your own thing.

“I’ve got pit-stops I want to make – the first is winning the British title. I’m good at geography and I know that Ireland isn’t Britain so he doesn’t come onto my agenda.”

Ogogo is signed with the Sauerland brothers, but fights Craig Cunningham [16(3)-1(0)] on a Matchroom card this weekend in Birmingham and has close enough connections to Sky Sports and the British promotional company.

The fact Sky are raising the possibility of the bout and publicising’s O’Sullivan’s call outs, suggests they are keen to broadcast that clash, indeed it wouldn’t be surprising if it was their idea to have Spike ringside for Saturday’s middleweight bout.

It still, however seems Ogogo has no interest or even respect for O’Sullivan.

“The man – I use that word loosely – the guy is obsessed by me. He’s a weirdo, a strange geezer.”


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