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Oblivious Eggington promises WAR with Dennis Hogan

Sam Eggington [32(18)-7(2)] admits he doesn’t know what to expect fighting Down Under – but knows exactly what Australia can expect from him when he defends his IBO light middleweight world title against Dennis Hogan  [30(7)-4(2)-1] on Saturday afternoon.

‘Britain’s most exciting fighter’ only knows one way to fight and flying halfway around the world to defend against an experienced Irish fighter in his home away from won’t change that.

The two-time British Fight of the Year winner says he will look to go to war just like he always does when he steps through the ropes on No Limit’s 20-fight Super Saturday card.

“It’s what you know. It’s so much easier for me to go in there and have a war that it will shock some people,” Eggington said. “I enjoy what I do. If I have to go to hell and back then that’s what we’ll do.

The Brummie suggests gruelling hard slugfests are the norm for him and he has prepared to try and break ‘The Hurricane’s’ will tomorrow night.

“I know that my fights are going to end up in a slug-fest, a gruelling night’s work. So I prepare for that. If I get in there and I throw a shot and it puts them out early then that’s great. But if I don’t I know that I’ve got to drag them there and keep them there until they give up,

“When I’m in the ring, it kills me as well. I don’t know if I’ve got another four rounds, or three rounds but I’ll always make it. I genuinely put that down to I work hard constantly.”

Out-fighting or lasting Hogan won’t come easy for the Brit. The Australian-based Kildare fighter is fighting for his career and more. Winning the title means everything for the 37-year-old who has had a world title dream robbed from him previously.

However, ‘The Huricane’s’ motivation or willingness to dig deep mean nothing for the Hennessy Sports fighter. Again he stresses he takes a simplistic approach into each fight.

“Every fight’s the same to me,” Eggington said.

“Whether he’s 37 and it’s his last-ditch effort, or he’s 28 and it’s his first time for a title.

“I don’t overthink things. In boxing, we get in the ring and box it out over 12 rounds. It’s that simple. You overthink things and it starts to get complicated.

“It’s a simple sport. Two people get in, one person gets out the winner.”

Discussing Australia and the Australian scene, Eggington who will have Aussie Hall of Fame coach Johnny Lewis rather than John Pegg in his corner on fight night, said: “I tell you the truth, I don’t know much about boxing in Australia at all.”


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