Nowhere2Hyde split doesn’t leave Casey no where to go

By Jonny Stapleton

Willie Casey has refuted claims a lack of ambition was the reason his split with manager Gary Hyde and is adamant the Nowhere2Hyde divide does not leave him with no where to go.

Indeed the Limerick favourite told Mirror Sport he bought himself out of his contract and believes he remains on course to regain the super bantamweight European title in 2012.
‘Big Bang’ assures there were no fire works and the break up was amicable, but was ‘disappointed’ with comments made by his former manager that Casey wasn’t keen to take big fights.
The South Hill southpaw, who will continue to train in McCullough’s Gym in Belfast, has never shied away from a challenge, but did admit to turning down a Christmas Day Russian dust up at just over a weeks notice.

“Gary and myself have split, but that’s not the end of Willie Casey,” the former World title challenger said.

“It was an amicable split and we both believe for the good of my career it was best if we went out separate ways. I want to say I enjoyed my time with Gary and he was good to me. We had a good comeback against Daniel Kodjo after the world title loss. I stopped a lad a lot of people said would give me trouble in my first fight back. A couple of fights fell through after and before that clash though and Gary and I have gone separate ways.
“Again I want to say I enjoyed my time working with Gary. I have to admit I was a little disappointed he wanted me to face a top class Russian on Christmas day at just a week and a half’s notice. What manager would put a fighter in that is not in training in such a high risk fight?”

New Year is a time for looking forward not back and Casey remains positive about his future. The former European champion is considering an offer to fight Sheffield’s rising star Kid Gallahad in February and could fight in Belfast on January 28.

“The Kid Gallahad fight is an option again. I was meant to return training today, but personal issues means I have to wait a week. I will discuss my next move with my team when I get back training. I am in no rush. My name is out there I have a few options, but preferably I would like two fights and then a European title tilt and I think I am on course to do that.”

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