Not Yet – Chris Blaney won’t fight “embarrassing” JJ McDonagh in December

Cheeky Chris Blaney [9(3)-1(0)] says he will allow JJ McDonagh‘s arm rest before he fights him.

McDonagh [16(8)-5(2)] is desperate to fight the Navan man, particularity after the Ricky Hatton trained fighter criticised his performance against Chris Eubank Jr last month.

The Westmeath fighter pulled out at the end of the third round of their clash in Saudi Arabia citing a shoulder injury – but Blaney, and others, doubted the legitimacy of this claim.

Infuriated, two-time Irish champion McDonagh wants the bout on the proposed Assassin Promotions December 7th Mayo card but Blaney is adamant he won’t be dictated to by his rival.

Blaney insists he is focusing on fighting for the Irish title last held by Luke Keeler but also suggest December may be too soon as he recently had an operation on his eye.

The Ginja Ninja also claimed tongue cheek that considering McDonagh suffered a shoulder injury in his last bout he may not be ready in two months time.

“No, I won’t be fighting him in December,” Blaney told

“I gave up my BUI Celtic belt to become mandatory for the Irish so it’s up to Luke now and what he wants but I’ll be concentrating on that and not what McDonagh has to say,” he added before hinting a Meath v Westmeath meeting will most likely happen one day. 

“It’s a fight I’d like, yeah, and I’m sure it’s a fight the fans want to see so it will happen but not when he says so. It will happen when I’m 100% fit and not coming back from injury, just like him, let his ‘arm’ rest up and I’m sure we can fight next year.”

Blaney questioned McDonagh’s heart when he pulled out of his bout with Chris Eubank Jr with a shoulder injury and the Mullingar man hasn’t taken to kindly to the criticism.

Blaney backs up his words saying McDonagh embarrassed himself on the big stage.

“I’m not really surprised he’s upset with me and now calling me out again. It’s just getting boring now and I’m fed up listening to him talk shit.”

“I thought it was embarrassing and just a quick way to make money. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that but, if he was injured before the fight, why go and fight and make a show of yourself live on TV?”

“Then why say he’ll fight him with one arm when he’s just pulled out of the fight cause he has one arm! Doesn’t make much sense,” he added before claiming he is back on the mend after his injury.

“The eye operation went well, I’m back in camp now. I just started back and I have to get the green light off the doctor in three weeks. I am hoping to be back end of November or in December.”


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