Not Just Social Media Talk – Aaron McKenna Wants Liam Williams

Aaron McKenna wants to use Liam William as a world title pole vault.

The Monaghan middle ends nine months out of the ring when he goes to work on Saturday’s Sky Sports Boxxer card.

Secure a first win of the year and he wants a fight with the former world title challenger from Wales. The pair shared some social media back and forths recently and the match-up appears to be a real possibility.

The 23-year-old former Golden Boy prospect believes a win over the teak-tough battler would inject real momentum into his career and give him such a leg up it would leave him in the world title frame.

Speaking ahead of his year-starter, McKenna outlined how “after this fight, I’d like to fight Liam Williams, he is #7 in the world so a win against someone like him would take me straight up to the top 10 in the world and then you’re knocking on the door for World titles.”

“The middleweight division is wide open after Triple G vacated the belts, it’s just waiting on someone like me to come through and I think I can do it.”

While he made a rip-roaring start to life in the pros, the fights have dried up recently for the Hennessy boxer. McKenna is keen to have a busy 2023 and make good on his predictions.

The Silencer admits that “I haven’t been as active as I’d have liked in the past year and a half. Hopefully this year I can stay active and busy. I want to get as many fights as I can under my belt.”

“Things have been going great and I’m feeling great in training. I think people will see a big difference in me now come Saturday night.”

“I’d like to fight four times this year and, by the end of the year, I’d like to be fighting guys in the top 10 in the world.”


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