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No regrets for Moylette after rejecting silver medal – “Dean Walsh knows I beat him”

Ray Moylette certainly ruffled a few feathers following his controversial split-decision loss to Dean Walsh in the National Elite Final on Friday.

Enraged after the result was read out, the Mayo boxer stormed out of the ring and into the stands where he was given a hero’s welcome by his passionate fans.

Moylette then returned to the ring draped in a Mayo flag and refused to accept the silver medal

However, the 2011 European champion was unrepentant for the actions which some viewed as disrespectful. The light welterweight explained the post-fight drama to Midwest Radio, describing how “I jumped over the top rope and to went up to my supporters and I probably got more of a welcome there than if I had won.”

“Then I just spotted the Mayo flag out of the corner of my eye, and they were calling me back into the ring.”

“I grabbed the Mayo flag and went back into the ring with the Mayo flag around my shoulders.”

“Rhey wanted me to take the silver medal and I didn’t take it.

“It was hot-headed, that was my emotions, I was in shock, I was heartbroken, but I still wouldn’t change anything – it was real.”

“I left the silver medal there. I didn’t want that silver medal.”

Indeed Moylette fully believes that he won the bout against Wexford’s Walsh, and argued that “I know I won that fight, I know all my hard work has paid off, I went in there and I performed.”

“If the shoe was on the other foot, and I thought I didn’t win the fight and got the decision, how could I face my supporters?”

“I may have the cup and the belt, but deep down, it goes deeper than that – When you’re going to bed at night and you close your eyes.”

“I know I have that over Dean Walsh. He knows that I beat him.”

“That’s deeper than any cup or any medal.”

Listen to Moylette’s interview in full HERE (skip to 9 minutes in).

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